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Company Manager: Paul Bouchier

Stage Manager: Paul Sawtell

Deputy Stage Manager: Anne Baxter

Assistant Stage Manager & Book Cover: Tom Fisher

Assistant Stage Manager: Andrew Patterson

Assistant Stage Manager: Emma Shortland

Head of Wardrobe: Maria Maguire

Deputy Head of Wardrobe: Linski Kilcourse

Wardrobe Assistant: Rachel Welch

Head of Wigs, Hair & Make-Up: Hannah Murphy

Deputy Head of Wigs, Hair & Make-Up: Emma Williams

Wigs, Hair & Make-Up Assistant: Georgia Mead

Head of Sound: Harry Barker

Deputy Head of Sound: Sam Ayling

Sound 3: Libbie Read

Head of Lighting and Video: Alex Hopkins

Head of Automation: Tyler Edwards-Tagg

Automation Deputy: Noah Phelps-Johnson